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Smooth Spiral Hose
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Smooth Spiral Hose

A soft and smooth structure reinforced with internal rigid PVC spiral.A robust hose for heavy duty suction and delivery of water, chemical solution and solid particle in agriculture, industry and household.


- Multipurpose PVC widely used in the fields of agriculture, industry, pneumatic equipment, fishery, project and household
- Heavy suction and delivery work in conveying water, oil, weak acid, powder, dust and solid materials.
- Especially used for factory water supply and drainage line.


- Very high working pressure and average flexibility
- Very good resistance to abrasion, corrosion, induration and bending.
- Soft material with internal PVC spiral reinfocement
- Smooth inner wall and outer cover eliminating material build-up
- Clean & transparent (can be seen inside fluid)
- Bending radius not less than 6 times the I.D.

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