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Spiral Hose with Head
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Spiral Hose with Head

A soft structure reinforces with internal rigid PVC spiral. Multipurpose PVCs including plastic head are widely used for normal suction and delivery of water, chemical solution and solid particle in agriculture,industry and household.

- Multipurpose PVC widely used in the fields of agriculture, industry, pneumatic equipment, fishery, project and household
- Normal suction and delivery work in conveying water, oil, weak acid, liquid oxygen, gas, dust and solid materials.
- Especially used for factory water supply and drainage line.
- Very high working pressure and high flexibility.
- Soft material reinforced with external rigid PVC spiral.
- Very high pressure resistance, weatherproof, tensile resistant, acid/alkali-resistant, corrosion resistant, long service life.
- Clean & transparent (can be seen inside fluid)
- Bending radius not less than 4 times the I.D.

Specification of Hose

Size of Suction Hose without Head

Specification of Joint Header

Size of Suction Head

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